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  • Wheat fl our (33%) (contains gluten), wine (contains sulphites), sunfl ower oil, multigrain bakery mix (13%) [fl our (rye, wheat (they contain gluten), wheat and oat fl akes, salt, seeds (sesame, dill seeds, cumin), malt fl our (barley), roasted malt fl our (barley), anticaking agent (calcium carbonate), emulsifi er (mono- and di-acetyl tartaric acid esters with mono- and diglyceride fatty acids), fennel, fl our enhancer: ascorbic acid, enzymes (wheat)], vegetal margarine [vegetal fats (palm oil 100%) and vegetal oils (sunfl ower oil 100%), water, emulsifi ers: fatty acid polyglycerides, sunfl ower lecithin, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, salt, preservative: potassium sorbate, acidifying agent: atric acid, fl avoring, dye: β- carotene], sugar, sunfl ower seeds, bulking agent: baking powder (di- and polyphosphate salts, sodium carbonate, agents: calcium carbonate, corn starch, wheat starch), sesame seeds, salt. It may contain traces of sesame, seeds, lactose, eggs and soy.

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