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Kritsini Kourkoulos was founded in 2008 by George Kourkoulos in Spata, Attica. Every day, at Kritsini Kourkoulos we use the purest ingredients with no addition of preservatives, in order to produce handmade crispy bread sticks and rings in dozens of different and unique flavors, as well as traditional Greek must cookies and melomakarona.

Following the strictest standards of hygiene, Kritsini Kourkoulos is certified by the TCert international organization of Food Safety Management System and since April 2018, has become a member of the GS1 Association Greece - the Greek Business Association for International Management. Our experienced and dedicated staff guarantees the excellent and consistent quality of our products.

Our goal at Kritsini Kourkoulos is to provide you with premium quality, prompt service and continuous development of our products. We offer a wide and varied range of products to both retail and wholesale businesses providing the consumer with distinct flavors, while helping our clients increase their sales.

Kritsini Kourkoulos products are distributed in Greece through our representatives, thus directly to points of sale. They are available in food markets, bakeries, bread shops, as well as in selected cafés and restaurants.

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